Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bend CC Spends $2.5M w/NO COMMENT

I just returned from the Bend City Council meeting. They all voted for the settlement with Juniper Ridge Partners, in an amount over $2.5 million dollars and giving JRP the right to purchase the first 50 acres of Juniper Ridge land, with absolutely no public comment or questioning or anything.

$2.5+ million dollars from Bend taxpayers without even a cursory debate. Whatever debate was held was in secret, in Executive Session. Not to be heard be the people actually paying this bill.

This is not only disgusting, but also may be illegal. The State Ethics Commission will weigh in on this.

How can you call yourself a responsible representative of the citizen's of Bend and sign off on this without any debate.

Absolutely no public debate.


MDKS said...

So here's the deal. My head is spinning in regards to this issue. I don't really understand it and I don't know enough about it to comment at a CC meeting. However, I'm not totally ignorant - I've done some reading and it doesn't sound very good to me, but I'm a mom and I don't know what to do. Any advice?

bruce said...

Keep commenting wherever possible on the need to go back to using at least 2/3's of the land for jobs and education. They have cut it back to under 40%.

Anonymous said...

The $2.5M was approved and discussed on Oct 15, 2007. By the city of Bend, you can go to their website, and see where it was approved. Les Schwab paid $3M on Dec 12, 2007, a few days later when the city got the payoff from Schwab, they forwarded the money to kuratek.

Where were you bruce? Why are you killing a dead horse now?

Bruce just came to Oregon.

What not talk about the $15M the city spent making Les-Schwab campus 'shovel ready', home come your trying to protect Les-Schwab but always trying to beat down kuratek?

Kuratek put a ton of money into the project, and $2.5M was his break-even. Les Schwab only had to payoff kuratek @$2.5M, and they got Free-Land, and $15M in infrastructure, all for free. How come your afraid of the real story here brucey??

Anonymous said...

One other item bruce-pussy.

The city didn't spend $2.5M.

Les Schwab did.

Kuratek was going to sue the city of bend. Les Schwab via their sales-agreement, made the deal.

Les Schwab would payoff kuratek at $2.5M, in exchange the City of Bend, would give Juniper-Ridge to Les Schwab, and develop the land for their building ( $15M ), and the roads ( $60M ).

The $2.5M for kuratek was paid to him a few days after the city got the money from Les Schwab on Dec 7, 2007. On Oct 15, 2007 the city agree to pay $2.5M for Kuratek to 'go away'.

Anonymous said...

So who won?

Kuratek broke even, even his 50 acre option ain't worth shit, it cost the city $800k/acre to break the rock to build the LS campus. That land ain't worth shit.

Les Schwab the big winner, gets 1500 acres, for $3M, and get $75M from government in the form of welfare. To support the biggest and richest outfit in Central Oregon.

Who got fucked? The city of Bend taxpayer, they get $75M, and lost Juniper-Ridge ( no loss actually ).