Monday, March 3, 2008

Wait, my math doesn't make sense

But I still don't get how we are going to finance the build-out.

My 4 AM math was wrong on the 50 acre sale, as one acre = 43,560 sq. ft. Then 50 acres equals 2,178,000 sq. ft., so:

50 acres at $10=$21,780,000

50 acres at $7=$15,246,000

To put these numbers in perspective, we are spending $13+ million getting roads and utilities to the Les Schwab parcel of only 20 acres, and that doesn't count the $37-40 million to be spent on the Hwy 97/Cooley upgrade where we hope to gain 3000 daily trips.

Also we need to note that while 50 acres will be the nominal amount added to the industrial UGB, taking out roads, parks, etc. will reduce that by 10% or more.

Sorry for the error, though. It's embarrassing.

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Anonymous said...

Brucey, your math doesn't make sense, because your an obfuscating silly goose. Anybody reading your shit might would just yawn and ignore Les Schwab, your probably on their payroll as a dis-information source.


Les Schwab paid $3M for 20 acres @ JR, then used another 20 for fill, they got over $13M in free excavation work paid by the Bend taxpayer.

LS paid the $3M and it was passed directly to KURATEK to get rid of him.

The people WHO profit from the deal were Les Schwab, and Knife-River. The people who lose on the deal are the city of Bend taxpayer.

That's it bruce-pussy, case closed, nothing else to it.