Wednesday, April 2, 2008

UPDATED: For Sale: 10 Acres With View, Westside, Price: $0.00

Or "How The Bulletin Lost It's Objectivity About Real Estate"

UPDATE: There was an actual exchange of property, with the Bulletin giving up property north of Olney. I am trying to figure out the exact details. The recordings are available at when you search with WESTERN COMMUNICATIONS INC in the Last Name field. Look for records around Oct. 18, 1999.

Deschutes County DIAL records show that the big headquarters building sitting above Mt. Washington and Century, this building, sits on land acquired for nothing:

The key pages of the DIAL document, pages 2 and 3, are these:

Note that sale price: $0

And you wonder why the Bulletin is so pro-Brooks Resources development?


Anonymous said...

I thought that zero was there frequently when things were, oh, I don't know... re-financed? Paid off?

I just know that in several of my neighbor's houses, I see zeros, and I know they didn't get it for free. And at least one of them bought it then paid it off.

So can you find out for sure what the zero means?

Good blog, btw. Thanks. I've been watching the city council minutes and am working up my courage to sit through the interminable meetings.

Anonymous said...

I'm stupid. I missed the fact that it was a trade. Duh. That would account for the zero. Sorry.

Bend Economy Man said...

"Salt Lake County DIAL records"? Bro you're in Oregon now! Great post though, you're the best muckraker this town's ever had.

bruce said...

RE: SL County

Ah, not enough coffee yet...

I'm looking in the recordings for more, and will post if found.

PS Thanks for the muckraker comment :)

I just want transparency, as I think the lack off such is what led us down the overbuilt, under-infrastructured, financially-imploding path we are on.

Anonymous said...

It must have hurt old HOLLERN real bad to sell all that land to the BULL for zero dollars.