Sunday, December 23, 2007

The First LS Sale Has Been Completed--We Think

According to a deed filed with Deschutes County at 4:09 PM, Dec. 19, 2007, Les Schwab has received title to Parcel 2, 12 acres, for consideration of $3,671.236.80. That is the $7 per sq. ft. price. The following is page two of the recording:

The recording states that the actual sale was witnessed Dec. 7 by a Notary Public, as it was executed by Eric King, acting City Manager. It was recorded shortly before the 12/19/2007 City Council meeting. There doesn't seem to have been any mention of it at the Council Meeting, but I'll listen to the recording and see if it was.

So I guess the whole Contingency Removal Notice thing was ignored, as I received a response from the City dated Dec. 21, after the sale was recorded, that no Contingency Removal Notice from Les Schwab had been received by the City.

UPDATE: I just listened to the 12/19 Work Session and "Jerry" (I thought it was Eric King at first, and it might be as the recording is hard to understand at that point) stated that "Focusing on the Les Schwab headquarters for one moment, we think the sale is going to close this week, we think there will be a big check coming to the City yet this week, and so we're delighted (nervous, happy laughter from Council) to have that happening, pretty much on schedule. And of course they've broken ground and are doing a fast track permitting process out there."

He goes on to state that they know they need to get a Master Plan for JR in place as soon as they can, and Eric hopes it is the Cooper Robertson Master Plan, i.e. the one Kuratek and Holzman worked on. The target, the goal, is to get the first 50 acres beyond Les Schwab to market as soon as possible, hopefully by the 3rd quarter of 2008. This will require a Land Use Master Plan to allow the City to pursue zone changes and land partitions. Assuming the trips are available at Cooley and 97 they can prepare to develop of the next 250 acres.

The City is counting on selling that first 50 acres, most likely at a comparable price to the LS sale, to get us out from under the $15M we are going to be into it by then. While, that may not be all we are into it, as the Cooley/97 mid-term upgrade is going to cost another $37-40 million, if all goes as planned.

We've already seen how things go "as planned", with the $1.6M upgrade to the Knife River contract for the LS driveway.

My question is simple--commercial is going to be going under next year, so who is going to buy land in JR? Do we have anybody working on selling it? It seems like a huge risk. What happens if that 50 acres just sits there along with all the other RE?


bruce said...

2007-064829 PDF TIF DOC TYPE: Deed CONSIDERATION: $3,671,236.80 DATE REC: 12/19/2007 4:09:42 PM

Here's a direct link to the deed.


Contingency Removal Notice, how about 1990 DEED??

Don't you understand that doc's don't mean SHIT?

Nobody follows doc's in Bend, especially government.

"contingency removal notice' was always a fucking red-herring.

It's not what they say, its not what they write, its NOT what they publish in the BULL.

IT's what they fucking DO that counts.

Now, go back to the October 2007, notes, and its fucking says that upon receipt of the money, KURATEK gets paid off.

They're taking you for a fucking RIDE Bruce, or perhaps on their behalf your taking us for a ride.

If your not taking us for a ride, then start being MORE skeptical of the SHIT that they feed you.

bruce said...


I cannot stress enough, that you cannot believe anything you read, nor trust anything you hear from Bend City Staff.

You really need to find a credible source of information, or better yet, an insider.

Most likely the "contingency notice" was removed MONTHS ago, so a good project for you would be to corner the acting city-manager, and explicitly ask when did they close that doc. YOU already the KNOW the city-council don't know what the fuck that goes on in Bend.

They're just pretty faces, its the city-manager that signs all docs, and gets real work done, for all this matter, it was probably Garzini back on Oct 15, 2007 that closed the DOC, for academic reasons you should still figure out how they managed to lead you around like a bitch on a leash for so many months,

But personally I think given you just arrived from Utah, and that your a MORMRON spokesperson, and your all praise for "MIKE MORGAN", church of JEEBUS CHRIST,

Let's all feed the people of Bend SHIT, and put them on a steady diet of creationism.

Anonymous said...

Dear "bruce said",

2X Stupid does not equal smart.

1. Attacking an ally = stupid
2. SCREAMING at the top of your lungs = stupid (People quit reading [listening] to screamers and thus never hear if the screamer actually has something worthwhile to say.)

OK, now attack & SCREAM at me for criticizing you. Go on, it will make you feel so much better.

Anonymous said...

Ignoring questions, and repeating the swamp-gas that the city has handed you on a platter doesn't make truth.

Truth is found by asking questions, getting information, throwing out the bullshit.

Watching what they do, not what the say.

You still haven't 'asked' the fucking question. "How much has KURATEK gotten to date from city-hall??"

Anonymous said...

There are No ally's in Bend, there are no Friends in Bend.

One of your original assertions was that people in Bend would love you if you wasted your time telling them what their good city does with their money.

I don't think so, throughout history the messenger always is punished.

Anonymous said...


Here's what we know,

Oct 15, 2007 city budged $2.5M for kuratek.

They said that when the Les Schwab cash $3.2M came in, that would be used to pay off kuratek.

On dec 7, 2007 the $3.2M came in,

I can guarantee that KURATEK got an xmas check.