Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The City's fight continues with Kuratek

This is getting richer and richer (in more than one way, I'm sure we'll find out), from Tuesday morning's BULL, and behind the pay firewall online:


"Bend city councilors appeared guardedly optimistic Monday that the city would be able to sit down and talk again with the master developers for its 1,500-acre Juniper Ridge project, though they expressed concerns about the tone of a recent letter from the developer....In letters and recent interviews, Ray Kuratek, one of the master developers, has threatened to sue the city for negotiating in bad faith, somthing that could cost the city millions of dollars if it resulted in protracted litigation."

Cue some more dumbness from our councilors--someone with E-BULL access will have to cut and paste it all.A question for our councilors: Kuratek and Holzman were supposed to bring $30M to the table. If they can't, they are in a basic default position. They can't. Inform them that if they can't cure this default within a short time frame, like 90 days, that the absolute most they are going to get is the $2.5 million, if they give up the master plan.

Grow a fucking spine. Don't hang us citizen taxpayers out to dry yet again.I'm not hopeful any of our fine councilors has a spine. At least, those that are not in on the game somehow.

More richness from this article. I just have to add this idiocy from Councilor Linda Johnson:
"At this point the city could use some expert guidance."

Ya think? So who are they thinking about getting this guidance from? David Leland, a land use consultant from Portland that helped the City get into this mess in the first place:
"Before that, the city used Leland in 2005 to provide advice on how to proceed with Juniper Ridge before it picked a master developer. "

Yeah, that sounds like a smart choice.

City Council Meeting tonight. I need a Press Pass. Anyone out there want a freelancer?


Anonymous said...

will the city council be held liable in the event of a suite? each and everyone of them personally?

bruce said...

Possibly, but very unlikely. I do have one smoking gun of a document I can't/won't talk about yet, but it may prove troublesome for them down the road.