Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Annexation Map for Juniper Ridge

At tonights City Council meeting, the packet shows that item 12(C) relates to the annexation of the first portion of Juniper Ridge into the Bend Metro Parks And Recreation District. This is so the Park District can assess SDC's.

Although the actual document attached to the packet purports to have an Appendix A that describes the property, it doesn't. So I filed another Open Records Request and received it, scanned it , and uploaded it. You can see it here.

It shows that the actual size of the first portion of JR is 623 acres, split into three parcels. Two of those parcels, totaling 19.9 acres, are the areas described in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale executed between the City of Bend and Les Schwab Tire Co. on Dec. 12, 2006.

Note that as of Nov. 26, 2007 LS had still not sent a Contingency Removal Notice to the City, as defined in this Agreement, so the actual purchase has not occurred. Although $7+ million of construction paid for by the taxpayers of Bend is underway. See BilboBend's post on the BendBubble Blog for pictures and more of the status as of Thanksgiving.

According to this contract:
3.3 Contingency Removal Notice.If Buyer desires to close the acquistion of Phase 1, Buyer shall give to Seller written notice of its intention to do so (the "Contingency Removal Notice") on or before the final day of the Contingency Period...If no such Contingency Removal Notice is given, this Agreement shall automatically terminate and the Buyer shall be entitled to the return of the Deposit...

The Contingency Period is "The period...through and including December 31, 2007." So the clock is ticking. If LS decides not to proceed, we get nothing but a big bill for a road to nowhere.