Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bend's Defaults Triple From Last Years Record

Only a month and a half into this new year, Deschutes County records show that Notice of Default & Election to Sell notices have tripled from 128 to 373 through Feb. 12th. That is an astounding number in a county of 150,000 or so.

With a new City Council firmly funded and behind a developer mindset, this is a particularly worrisome development. We have an incredible level of empty homes, 1/3 of those presently listed, and the only answer seems to be to delay any further fees and encourage even more building.

We need jobs. Without jobs we can build thousands of homes, and the only occupants will be the homeless brave enough to break in. Period.

What has our Good Old Boy Network created for jobs? Juniper Ridge is the big push, but virtually every job there is one moved from another part of our small regional area. Les Schwab from Prineville, Suterra from the Old Mill District, Pacific Power.

Can this possibly be called job creation?


And to see yet another Good Old Boy, namely Oran Teater, coronated as the savior of the City Council, as the savior of Bend, is disturbing, disgusting, and disappointing. Oran led us into the start of the bubble. He is a financial advisor dedicated to increasing his clients net worth. Many of which clients are invested in local development.

Folks, we can't build our way out of this mess. We've tried that. It's time to find another paradigm.

A paradigm that pushes jobs that bring in dollars.


Anonymous said...

Do you know Oran?

Bewert said...

Yes. Barely.

Although I've sat with him in multiple Juniper Ridge meetings, he has yet to even say hello. I live here, I pay taxes here, and I care enough to attend meetings, and yet Oran doesn't even acknowledge me.

The affectation of a good old boy who doesn't give a shit about the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

For the record folks, this BEWERT just crawled a few years ago into Bend.

He's a gadfly at city council meetings. We have demanded that he simply put his name and run on the ballot and hold office if he wishes to run Bend.

He came from Salt Lake City a few years ago, he's not employed, he lives off his wife who has a bike shop, he's fifty years old, and he see's himself as a political genius.

Trouble is everybody else seems Bewert for what he is.

As an old-timer in Bend, I cannot think of a better person in these times than Oran Teater to be holding the reigns of power. The only person in the city-hall today with the termperment to hold office is Capell and Teater, the others are neophytes.

Teater & Capell have very long interests and long term desire to fix Bend, and stay in Bend.

Bewert is a grifter, and a manipulator, as soon as he recognizes he can't bully the city-hall he'll find another town to play his games.

Anonymous said...

Do you know Oran?

February 12, 2009 7:35 PM
Blogger Bewert said...

Yes. Barely.


That's a funny comment, because a few days ago on the BB2 blog bewert said that Oran will not even make eye contact or talk to the Bewert aka Bpussy, that ORAN will not even allow himself to be near the gadfly joke of city-hall.

If Bewert wants street-cred he must put his name on the ballot, but then if he did that and secured two votes ( himself & his wife ), then it would be clear to all that he is a big zero, and thus he'll not try to get involved in politics the old-fashion way, instead he prefers to bully city hall with threats of criminal complaints.

hbm said...

the only answer seems to be to delay any further fees and encourage even more building.

The GOBs and GOGs have never learned the First Law of Holes. We have a glut of homes on the market and their solution is ... encourage the developers and builders to build more homes.

This is meshuggah.