Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Analysis of Juniper Ridge Tilt Towards Residential Uses

I've put together a table that shows how planned land uses at Juniper Ridge tilted heavily towards residential, and have pretty much stayed that way even though Allan Bruckner was quoted in the Bulletin as being happier that more land was to be used for employment purposes. The numbers denote acres:

Plan DeveloperOTAKJRPC-R
Mixed Use757575-150

Note that the R&D/Light Industrial land use of 350-400 acres in the C-R plan that was approved includes 100 acres for 10+ acre parcels. That's it. Les Schwab already has 12, with an option for 8 more. Suterra has formally requested 10 acres. Pepsi has informally requested 10 acres. At this rate large parcels will be gone in a year or two, unless the City ignores the master plan and continues to sell large plots.

This is exactly what the City seems to be doing in the case of the Suterra request. My next post will cover that-a 10 acre parcel adjacent to Les Schwab, either north or west. This overlays planned parcels of 2-4 acres. And I have questions about how the City is moving forward with this sale despite JRP's exclusive three-year option on the 50 acres surrounding the Les Schwab property. Are we setting ourselves up for another lawsuit?

To say nothing about the emergence of a possible new sales deal with JRP, which may or may not be discussed at tomorrow's City Council work session. While, at least publically--I suspect it will be discussed in Executive Session.

Just as a $3000 per trip Bend-taxpayer-funded "incentive" to help defray the $9000 per trip cost of temporarily fixing Cooley Rd was discussed in the last Executive Session, and is revealed in the letter to Suterra from Econ Dev Director John Russell. That is if ODOT can be bent over and twisted into agreeing with the City's plan to increase congestion at Cooley/97 just like they plan to do around Simpson and Columbia for Proterra's development of the Mt. Bachelor Bus Parking area, according to the BULL:
Bend roads compromise may pave way for similar agreements

A compromise agreement between the city of Bend and a developer over road improvements in southwest Bend could set an example for other areas of the city...

Proterra’s plans for a mixed-use project with condominiums, offices and retail space were shot down by a city hearings officer earlier this year because of the amount of traffic the project would add to nearby roads...

City officials agreed that at that latter two intersections, they would tolerate slightly more congestion in the near term as a result of the development’s traffic...

The compromise with Proterra — in which the city will not require full traffic improvements for new development, tolerating slightly more congestion instead — sets a new precedent...

By agreeing to the compromise, the city also believes it can pressure the Oregon Department of Transportation to do the same thing at Cooley Road and U.S. Highway 97.

ODOT has said no new construction can happen near that intersection - including at the city’s 1,500-acre Juniper Ridge development - unless the city comes up with $40 million to upgrade the intersection.

Instead, the city is trying to reach an agreement with ODOT that would allow slightly more congestion at the intersection, which is most clogged during the morning and evening rush hours.

Mayor Bruce Abernethy and Councilor Bill Friedman agreed at Monday’s meeting that the city’s move to allow more congestion on its streets would put it in a better position to convince ODOT to do the same thing.

So the Council is saying "we like screwing over our own citizens, would you please do so, too!"

Just what we Bend citizen's want--even more congestion in the name of developer subsidies. Right. I bet you agree with that, kind reader. Just a little more "temporary" congestion in front of Lowe's on 97 during rush hour.

To be continued...

Sources for plans:
OTAK 8/05

Juniper Ridge Partners (JRP) 5/2/07

Cooper-Robertson, approved by City Council 7/16/08


Anonymous said...

. Yes, our fine City Council voted tonight 6-1 (Telfer voted not) to give JRP (Kuratek, et al) a $146,000 windfall and counting. The said windfall being the Suterra sale, which had absolutely nothing to do with JRP.


Yes, but KURATEK has enough dirt to bring this town down. Thus he must be paid off.

A mysterious accident? Insurance?

The last KURATEK money came from Les Schwab, it can only be assumed, that this money will come from the purchaser of the land.

THE PUSSY is an idiot, this we all known, but he's a good pussy at heart.

The thing to remember is that while the city got $7/sq-ft from LS they spent $20/sq-ft ( knife-river ) in excavation prepping the site at taxpayer expense.

You can be SURE as hell that SUTERRA, is buying 'shovel ready' as well, as its fucking idiotic, to assume that they would spend $7/sq-ft, and then another $13/sq-ft to level the building site.

Lastly, Bend paid $1 for 1500 acres, the last is worth nothing.

What hurts is the $13/sq-ft that we're spending, that all goes to knife river, to make the worthless solid rock known as JR, buildable.

It's all corporate-welfare for knife-river nothing more, KR will makes over $2Billion on excavation, and so far its all came from the taxpayer.

Then like LS we spend ten's of millions to prep their site, but they'll be out of business, very soon, or sold out to a major.

Just another cluster-fuck.

The good news is that by the time the Oregonian reports the city-council will have long retired.

Kuratek's $100k is the PUSSY's 'take your eye off the prize'.

The prize is the $2B that Knife-River gets, and the PRIZE is that all of the surrounding HOLLERN land becomes more valuable.

The KURATEK payout is only a distraction, orchestrated by the PUSSY's HANDLERS.

Anonymous said...

Buster, at least Knife River produces something. JRP is hot air.


All of BEND is "HOT AIR".

But Knife-River is getting BILLIONS of DOLLARS of solid tax-payer cash, in order to 'develop' Juniper-Ridge, its solid rock out there.

This is why county sold JR to Bend for $1 in 1992, because it had NO fucking value, because everybody knew it would cost more to excavate than the land was worth.

ONLY a fucking IDIOT pussy believes that giving Knife-River BILLIONS of DOLLARS of tax-payer debt in return for a handful of tire-flipping jobs is a rational decision.

In regards to JRP, at least KURATEK was smart enough to come into this town, and put something together and ram it through, everything else went no-where. Kuratek teamed with Garzini is a steam-roller, but then you would expect out city-hall to cower in the presence of real-men.

Long after the current city-hall is gone, and/or recalled; KURATEK & GARZini will still be running the show.

BP your wasting your time kissing the ASS of the elected, do some KURATEK ass kissing, perhaps he'll mandate in the next JR contract a mandatory CAPSTONE-BUTTPLUG purchase.

In Bend anything is possible.


1.) HOLLERN owns the land around JR, it becomes MORE valuable if JR is made valuable. INVESTMENT in future.
2.) Knife-River needs work, needs work forever in order to justify the purchase from Hap-Taylor, thus HT setup the perpetual excavation program out in JR, work forever. BP calls this 'useful work', yes moving rock around, very useful.